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Calling all trekkers and skinners!

We are currently helping a friend sell his copy of Mark Baker's classic work, "Sons of a Trackless Forest".

This is a classic work, and it's currently going to $800 or more in the secondary market - his price is only $750. If you are interested, give us a call for more information, 816-781-9473.


Fantastic 19th Century Reproduction Cotton Fabric On Sale Now!!!
Click here for fabric samples and details!

For Clothing Specials, click here. New items added!

To shop our Militia Battle Shirts and Guerilla Clothing, click here.

The 2016 Events Calendar and several new Programs that are available for your historic society, volunteer group, reenacting group or museum staff.

Want a canteen like the one used
in Revenant? We stock them!
Item CS27
Only $25.00
+shipping & handling

Supply of brown glass period-correct bottles. The age is probably about 1900 - but they are period correct for the 1800s as well. Size is 18 oz. (8 oz. size shown in photo is no longer available.) All bottles come with a cork. They were probably made for the pharmacies of the day. All should be thoroughly cleaned before used. The price is $3 per bottle, or 2 bottles for $5. Get yours now, the last bottles sold out quickly.
Bottle - 18 oz.
Item S3-2013
$3.00 Each
+shipping & handling
Bottle - 18 oz.
Item S4-2013
$5.00 for 2
+shipping & handling

Handwoven Sashes
by C.J. Wilde!

We have 5 of C.J.'s sashes available. C.J. is no
longer weaving due
to health problems. Those
of you doing late 18th
century/early 19th century
living history, if you
are looking for any of
her work, grab yours now!
The two shown are
examples -- if you want
to know choice of
colors, let us know.

Item S01-2015
+shipping & handling

We now have Handwoven Rugs
available for your period impression!

The rugs are 24x36-inches in size, and we
have both wool and cotton versions available.
The photo shows the colors we currently have
on hand. These are PERFECT for your 19th
century living history!!
Item S02-2015
Cotton - $35.00 +shipping & handling

Wool - $60.00 +shipping & handling

McClellan Saddle
Tree is a 12, basic strapping.
Item S3-2014
+shipping & handling

Framed Group of 3 Colored
Fashion Prints

Size is approximately 12x24 - nice piece -
NOT original fashion plates, but good reproductions.

Item S20-2014
+shipping & handling

Officer Kepis - We have just acquired an assortment of officer kepis made by the Bradleys of Uniforms of Antiquities. We have about 20 on hand in various configurations and sizes - if you're close and can come in, they are priced at $65 each - for a true hand-made kepi from Mike Bradley! Item CS2


Framed Collection
of Reproduction
Tobacco Cards

Featuring Generals of
the Confederacy - well
framed with an excellent
explanation of tobacco
cards on the back.
(Excuse reflection
across top of photo)

Item S16-2014
+shipping & handling

New Book:
Voices: Each With
A Story To Tell

A guide to the
cemetery at the
Confederate Memorial
State Historic Site in
Higginsville, MO

Item CS28
+shipping & handling

LARGE Civilian

17 inches deep by
13.5 inches across.
Strap is 50 inches long.
Colors are burgundy,
navy, dark green & tan.

Item CS30
+shipping & handling

1884 Framed
Kutz and Allen
Lithograph - Battle
of Gettysburg

There is water damage.
Piece is well matted,
overall framed size
is 32"x36-1/2". As is.

Item CS26
+shipping & handling

Book Jack

To aid the removal
of your boots, solid
wood. Only 10 in
stock so hurry!

Item CS34
+shipping & handling

Working Cowboy
Scarves or Wild Rags

Cotton, in solids
checks or calico prints
36" square

Item CS3
+shipping & handling



We Take Special
Requests for
This Item ...
Call 816-781-9473

Kansas City is the home of Wide Awake Films, one of the premier production houses for Civil War documentaries. The principals of Wide Awake formerly ran Video Post - back in the days of VHS tapes. Although they now produce their award-winning documentaries on DVDs, they still have numerous offerings available on the older VHS format. So - if you still have a VHS player - or simply want to take advantage of a bargain - you can expand your Civil War library with this great offer!

James Country now has the following titles available on VHS tape at only $7.95 each. Supplies of some titles are limited - and regular shipping costs apply - but take advantage of this offer today!!!

SHILOH: The War is Civil No More - Item VHS1


CHICKAMAUGA: High Tide in the West - Item VHS2


The Tennessee Campaign of 1864 - Item VHS5


The Battle of Franklin - Item VHS6


The Greatest Moments of the Greatest Battles of the Civil War - Item VHS7


Saving Civil War Battlefields - featuring Ed Bearss, Brian Pohanka and John Hennessy. Item VHS8


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