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Del and Jean Warren
James Country Mercantile

Change in Laughing Moon patterns as of August 2021

The folks who produce Laughing Moon patterns have decided to stop selling paper patterns as of August 1, if not sooner. We currently have a good stock on hand, but this may be another case of "What we have is all we can get." If you are thinking about any of the Laughing Moon patterns, place your orders quickly!

Missouri State Muffin Buttons

Folks, we just received another shipment of very excellent Missouri Muffin buttons! We have 7/8-inch and 1/2-inch sizes. Remember, the 160th of the 1861 battles will be in 2121 - be ready! Price is only $1 per button - get them while they last.

Click here to order.

Can't figure out what to give for Christmas, birthday, etc.? Trying to find a gift for the living historian who has everything? James Country Gift Certificates are now available for purchase online below. Need a different amount than what is available? Just let us know by calling 816-781-9473.

$25 Gift Certificate


$50 Gift Certificate


$75 Gift Certificate


$100 Gift Certificate


Special Order Laughing Moon Pattern
now available!

We would like to let you know we have a new sewing pattern for women's undersleeves #204. Undersleeves were worn from approximately 1840 to the 1870s under the sleeves of a dress. Another name for them is false sleeves.  They were worn for modesty, cleanliness, and decoration.  There are 4 different Views in the pattern with multiple choices for Views A and B. We hope you like this new pattern!

CALL THE STORE AT 816-781-9473

Laughing Moon Ladies' Princess Line Tea Gown now available: $18 (advanced skill level)
Click here for more details.

Single Action Cowboy Shooting Events Calendar -- click here!


Drover Shirts
This shirt, pictured at left, is based on shirts and droves wore.  The narrow bib covers the placket and prevents dust from getting through. 

We are making these in a variety of fabrics.
Photo shown is an example only, we may
or may not have similar fabric on hand.
Call or email with your fabric preferences.

Item CS23
+shipping & handling

The new DVD from Wide Awake Films: The American Artist: The Life and Times of George Caleb Bingham. This is truly an epic work on early Missouri history and the life of this important Missouri artist. Produced in partnership with the Friends of Arrow Rock (Bingham's hometown in Missouri), this hour long documentary narrated by Emmy nominated actor, Keith David, and with music from Grammy award winning cellist, Yo Yo Ma, takes the viewer on a journey unveiling Bingham's life with edge-of-your-seat dramaic craftsmanship, combined with interviews from some of the top American art curators from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Saint Louis Art Museum and The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. It also examines many of his best paintings all lovingly filmed from original canvases in 4K ultra-high-definition. Get yours now - only $25 each. Click here to order.

Laughing Moon Pattern available!

New pattern #136 is a pattern for an overcoat and caped coat for men and women. It is copied from an extant Garrick owned by Laughing Moon Mercantile. The coat is not only great looking, but can be worn either for modern day, period, or fantasy dress. The capes can be made removeable for a very versatile garment. This type of coat has found fans in many costuming genres, such as Regency, Georgian, Napoleonic, Old American West, Pirate, Cosplay, Victorian, Goth, Vampire, Steampunk, Military, and Futuristic. This type of coat is so famous it has its own place in tvtropes.org as the "Badass Long Coat". It is customizable with being either a man's or ladies' garment, single or double breasted, and having a stand or falling collar. The capes are optional and include either a 3 or 4-layer cape, or the option of only one cape, which can be either short or long. Click here to order pattern or shop other Laughing Moon designs.

New Movie, The Revenant with Leionardo DiCaprio based on true story!
Get the book from James Country now!
The new movie "The Revenant" with Leionardo DiCaprio is based on the life of Hugh Glass. The book on Glass, "The Saga of Hugh Glass, calls him a Pirate, Pawnee and Mountain Man.

From what we hear, the movie is very well done -- and we have the book available for sale. We've carried it for years. If you know anybody into the Mountain Man time period, it should be a good movie and I know it's a good read. Spread the word!
Buy it now!

New in our Outlet Section
Brown glass period-correct bottles are back. We have handwoven sashes by C.J. Wilde! C.J. is no longer weaving due to health problems. Those of you doing late 18th century/early 19th century living history, if you are looking for any of her work, grab yours now! Five left in stock. Also, handwoven cotton or wool rugs are available, PERFECT for your 19th century living history! Click here to order.

New Clothing Specials for the Gentlemen and Ladies
We have a new selection of Cowboy Shirts in stock, above left, as well as a Men's Frock Coat, size 42, above right. We also have a new selection of cloaks, above center. Cloaks are a basic 1800s style, with a nice hood. There is no sizing -- they will fit everyone. We do not put in slits for arms ... would never get them in the right place. The buyer is welcome to put in slits if he/she want. We use a period style metal clasp on each one. All of these are special, one of a kind items. Some new, some gently used for men and women. Check out some of the stock on hand now! Click here.

Newest Books! -

"The Great Missouri Raid" is well done for only $29.95. "The Big Divide" is a driving guide to the Border War area for only $15. The "G.A.R. Souvenir Sporting guide" is a reproduction of an 1880s guide, a guide to the various prostitute houses in what we believe is Cincinnati. It's a hoot and only $10! The reproduction was put together for a veterans reunion/convention. Check out our newest selection of books! Click here.

US, CS, Civilian and Children's Haversacks; Children's Spoon Dolls
We have a new source for haversacks, both US and CS. These are made according to original specs -- check out the photos!!! The pricing is $35 for the US tarred ones and $30 for the canvas or ticking CS ones. Both styles include a liner. In addition, we now offer large civilian haversacks for $20.

We have a few of the ticking haversacks in children's sizing -- these are only $20.

Also, for the younger set, we now have home-made Spoon Dolls! Only $10 each!

We have a TON of new fabric that we've purchased for shirts, dresses, etc. -- but it is also for sale by the yard here in our store. If you are in the area and are looking for first quality reproduction cottons, stop in and check out our selections. The price is $7 a yard every day!! Again, this is here in the store only -- not available as a mail order.

If you're in the area or visit our sutler tent, do check out our new line of PASHMINA shawls for the ladies!! These are a rectangle shawl made of a blend of cashmere and silk. Priced at only $15, they are an excellent reproduction shawl.

We have several hand-knit mufflers on hand ... very soft wool, in a variety of colors. Some are rectangular -- approximately 7" by 30"; others are a 3-strand tri-color, braided in a period fashion. Call us for options on hand. Price is $25 for either style!!

NEW! Historically correct New Testament Bible!
We have finally located historically correct pocket New Testaments! Brown leatherette cover, King James Version, gold leaf trim -- priced at only $7 each. Click here to order.

We are now making "Working Cowboy Scarves" or "Wild Rags"! These are of cotton, in checks or calico prints, all colors. 36" square - $10 each. If we don't have the color you want, we'll make it up!! Click here to order.

I Like That Good Old Song
More than 100 mid-19th century songs, with the melody line of music AND chords for strings! The authors of the book, John and Elaine Masciale, have gone to great lengths to document each piece, including date of first publication, many verses for each song and all in the "original" language. Spiral bound for easier use. Order yours now!
Note: The lyrics in this volume are original and are at times racially and ethnically charged or offense. They do not agree with any of the bigotry or racism expressed in any of the songs. They do, however, believe that it is important to face history directly and to see it for what it is. They have not altered any of the words to make them any more palatable or politically correct. The reader must choose what to do with them; the authors will not and cannot make that decision. Some will use the words as written; others will modify some or all of the "offensive" words; and still others will performs the pieces as an instrumental only.

NEW PATTERN! A Work Dress with Three Sleeves & Optional collar. Circa 1833-1856. View A has short sleeves and square collar. With the exception of the square collar the sleeves can be dated as early as 1833 even though the pattern from which it is made is printed in the 1838 edition of the Workwoman's Guide. Images can be found with the gathered bodice and square collar dating from the late 1830s to 1842.

Created from patterns in the Workwoman's Guide titled "A full High Gown, To Open In Front." The cutting and construction directions were adequate in the mid-nineteenth century but would be difficult for today's sewer to understand. To make it easier to sew, we copied the construction and sewing methods used in original mid-nineteenth century work dresses found in private and museum collections.

According to the author a full high gown that open in front is "... particularly suitable for house-maids, dairy or kitchen-maids, char and washerwomen; they should be made of the strongest print, ... It is bad economy to buy a cheap poor material for a working dress, under the idea that is will do very well for common purposes, when they should stand a good deal of wear and tear."

LIMITED SUPPLY of cloth shopping bags -- or pokes. The size is approximately 18"x15" with fabric handles. Made in the U.S. Two colors choices -- a green multi-stripe or a turkey red/black multi-stripe. Photos are coming! These are perfect for your reenacting needs or your everyday shopping. Priced at only $20 -- get one today!

JUST OBTAINED! "Small China" or "Small Calico" Buttons. These are similar to the buttons found on the Arabia steamboat which sank near us in 1856! These are 20th Century production buttons from Czechoslovakia -- but they are true small chinas! We have both 1/2" and 3/4" sizes available in colors of red, tan, black and navy blue. Not all colors are available in both sizes. This is a small supply at only 50 cents per button, SO DON'T DELAY!! Call us for specific details or to purchase, 816-781-9473.

We have just added the new Partially Boned Transition Stay drafted from the original at the Connecticut Historical Society, circa 1793-1820 available through Past Patterns. The pattern package contains Past Patterns' background notes, published for the first time, reviewing differences among 18th-century stays, transition stays of the late 18th- and early 19th-centuries, and classic stays of the first quarter of the 19th-century through the early 20th-century.

We have just added three new Period Impressions Patterns. Two options to the Cloak and Paletot are the Mantle and Mantlelet. A 1860's Wrapper, much requested, has also been added. Click here for new selections.

We also offer the Past Patterns #041 U.S. Army Roundabout Matching 1812 Specs. James Kochan is the spirit behind the development of this round jacket pattern. He provided the concept that the cuff had to be added to the documented sleeve length. He also suggested the height of the collar with documentation from the National Archives. The other vital person, who even James Kochan will acknowledge shared his research with a teenaged James, is Stephen Osman. Stephen has been researching in the National Archives for over 35 years. Click here for our selection of Past Patterns.

Grey Slouch Hats Now In Stock!
We have received a limited supply of our slouch hats in grey, sizes medium, large and extra-large. Limited to stock on hand, as we do not know when we'll be able to get more! Click here for order information.

We have plenty of hoops!!!
As you may have heard, some sutlers have lost their supplier of hoop skirts. Thankfully, James Country is not one of them! We still have a good steady sourse of quality hoops at what we believe are reasonable prices. The only difference is that we now have them in TWO SIZES: waists of 38" or less and waists of 38" or more.

So -- don't be fooled -- James Country remains committed to serving the reenactor and living history communities with quality goods at reasonable prices. We are here to serve YOU!! Click here to order yours.

Missouri Confederate Battle Flags

Due to the current high demand for the Confederate Battle Flag, we are unable to obtain the synthetic silk flags in the 3x5 size. We have plenty of the 3x3 size Battle Flags in the synthetic silk at $15 each, and we have sewn cotton Battle Flags, 3x5 at $40 each. Click here to order yours.

Fantastic books on period fashion and fabric!
We have just added two new titles from Victoria and Albert Museum: 19th Century Fashion in Detail and Indian Chintz for the Western Markets. Both books feature absolutely fantastic photographs from the collections at the Victoria and Albert Museum. 19th Century Fashion in Detail includes fashions for both men and women; Indian Chintz features the fabulous fabrics woven in India during the 1700s for the European markets. Another book on textiles: American Textiles 1650 to 1900 is also available at James Country Mercantile. A HUGE book detailing all types of fabrics available during the period. The best part of this one is the photographs of actual swatch books and samples with amazing detail. Click here to order any of these new books.

NEW DVD Package -- August Light: Wilson's Creek and The Battle for Missouri.
Produced by Wide Awake Films, the two disc set chronicles the Battle of Wilson's Creek, the second major battle of the Civil War. Using historically accurate re-creations captured in dazzling High Definition, as well as meticulously detailed maps and newly re-discovered archival photographs, this film, three years in the making, presents an unprecedented depicture of the clash between North and South in a battle that helped to determine the fate of Missouri. Price is just $29.95. Order yours now!

Other items added to the selection at James Country Mercantile -

Missouri Civil War Card Deck - double size, full color, very well done with great photographs, including our own Elliott's Scouts!!! The cards start with the "bleeding Kansas" pre-war years, then feature the various battles and skirmishes of the war years, general on both sides, and other facts of Missouri Civil War history. It is a standard 52-card deck. They are WELL DONE.

Past Patterns single-breasted Shawl Collar Summer Waistcoat, circa 1845-1858.

Pocket Mirrors - We have just found a wonderful line, about 4 inches in diameter, in a wood frame. A must for all reenactors.

Homespun Towels/Handkerchiefs/Scarves - During the past year we have also added our own line of these items. We stock a variety of colors - let us know your preference.
CALL 816-781-9473

We have acquired an original report of the Court Martial of Col. Charles Jennison! Col. Jennison, of the 15th Regiment, Kansas Cavalry, Volunteers, was tried on June 23, 1865 on a variety of charges related to activities in southern Missouri and northwestern Arkansas. This report details those charges and the results of the trial. Copies of the report are only $3.00 each.

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