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Specials - one of a kind items
Some new, some gently used - subject to prior sale!!

Folks, we have finally found a good line of
solid color stockings for men and women

18th and 19th century usage. They'll work for men with breeches, or for ladies.
We have them in black, ivory, and maroon. 100% cotton,nicely knit, made in the USA.
Price is $10 per pair. Order from Men's Civilian Clothing or Ladies' Clothing.

Need some new duds cheap?
We have an overstock of good, gently used clothing -- men's shirts, civilian pants, civilian coats, ladies' bodices and skirts, etc. We can't show them all here -- stop in the store and check things out.

Battle Shirts
We have lots of battleshirts on hand for the
coming season - sizes are 46 thru 54 - and
remember, these are overshirts. 100% cotton,
lots of color choices - or we'll make you one.
Photos shown are examples only, we may
or may not have similar fabric on hand.
Call or email with your fabric preferences.

Click here for additional designs.
Item CS1
+shipping & handling

Linen Breeches
Another great late 18th
century item - these
have seen some wear
and could use a repair
or two - size is
probably about a 38"
waist. Item CS3
+shipping & handling

Green Wool
Also late 18th century,
great brass buttons,
size is about 42/44.
Item CS4
+shipping & handling

Red Linen
Colonial Shirt
Full yoke double row
of buttons, about a
44/46 size.
Item CS5
+shipping & handling

Interested in a Civilian
Gentleman Look?
Call 816-781-9473
to discuss your needs.

Fancy Day Dress
Size 4 to 6, lady was
about 5-ft. 7-in. tall.
Item FD1
+shipping & handling

Dress and Pinafore
Probably size 6 to 8,
bust is 36", waist is 26",
with bonnet. New.
Item CS7
+shipping & handling

Cadet Grey Pants
Size 48. New.
Item CS10
+shipping & handling

Used Pants
38-inch waist, with
Item CS11
$70.00 for set
+shipping & handling

Jean Cloth Pants
Size 48 with infantry
Sgt. trim. New.
Item CS13
+shipping & handling

Dragoon Pants
Waist is 40-inch or so,
navy blue with
high waist. Used.
Item CS14
+shipping & handling

Fed Cavalry Pants
Size 42-inch by
36-inch. New.
Item CS15
+shipping & handling

Light Tan Jean Pants
Size 36. New.
Item CS16
+shipping & handling

US Navy Blue Pants
Size 42. New.
Item CS17
+shipping & handling

Worn 1 Weekend
Size 40.
Item CS18
+shipping & handling

CS Artillery Col.
Size 44 to 46.
Grey wool with red
trim, sleeve braid and
3 stars on collar. Used.
Item CS19
+shipping & handling

CS Colonel's Shell
Size 44 to 46.
White wool, unlined,
3 stars on collar. Used.
Item CS20
+shipping & handling

Men's Frock Coat
Size 42.
Item CS21
+shipping & handling

100% wool lined with
100% brushed cotton.
Style is a basic 1800s
with a nice hood.
One size fits all.
Call for details.
Item CS22
+shipping & handling

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