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Our Christmas Greetings for 2018!

As we approach Thankgiving, we feel very much "behind the curve" this year -- with all of the major retailers touting "Black Friday Specials" since early this month. We're sorry -- we still believe in Thanksgiving -- and don't want it to be lost in the commercial shuffle for holiday sales.

That said -- Yes, we are still a business, and we are here to serve you, our customers. We have gathered some really great items for Christmas giving.

For everyone, we have Civil War Christmas Stockings -- both US and CS varieties. We can get them made up in just about any configuration -- let us know what you want, but don't wait till the last minute. Price is $20 each.

For the gentlemen, we continue to stock US-made ragg wool sox and gloves, with 85% ragg wool content. That makes them very warm, and they will wick the moisture away from you. We have the gloves in both full fingered and half-fingered styles. Price for either sox or gloves is $10 per pair.

All of our 1800s living historians can normally use a new shirt or vest. As you know, we make the clothing ourselves, and we can make up special requests for you -- but again, don't wait till the last minute. Whether your gent is a mountain man, a Texas revolution soldier, a Civil War soldier, an Indian Wars soldier or a cowboy action shooter, we can make him some new duds.

If your gent does outdoor events, don’t forget the period-style comforts that Jean makes.  Using traditional cotton fabrics and a wool/cotton batting, these are extremely warm – and the folks who have purchased them often use them at home as well.  These are definitely historically correct – the Andersonville Prison Museum and the Jesse James Birthplace have purchased them for display.  The price is $125 each, approximately 65x85.

If you prefer, we continue to stock the 100% wool military issue blankets made by Amana Woolens of Iowa.  Also 65x85, these are $95 – and come in Federal issue grey; Dragoon navy; Artillery red; and emergency off-white.

For the ladies, we have a great new selection of historically accurate jewelry – brooches, earrings, and necklace watches.  Prices will vary – earrings range from $15 to $30; brooches are $25 to $35; and watches are $30 to $50.

We also have the great Pashmina shawls in a variety of colors – only $15 each.  70% Pashmina wool and 30% silk, they are light but warm.

Don’t forget that the pattern lines by Heidi Marsh and Harriet Engler continue to be 20% off regular prices.  And, the pattern line of Old World Enterprises is no longer being produced – the stock we have on hand it all we can now get.  If any of their patterns are on your list, give us a call first, to ensure availability. 

If you have special clothing desires, we can make clothing specifically for you at no extra charge.  If you have a formal historic affair coming up, don’t wait – place your order for that new frock coat or dress now.  Give us a call or come in to the store.

Can’t decide what to give someone?  We always have gift certificates in any amount, and no expiration date.  That way, your living historian can get what he or she needs – at an event, at our store, or thru the mail.

As our way of saying "Thank you" to all of our friends and customers, shipping on all orders except rifles and pistols is free from now thru December 22.

As always, we thank you, our loyal customers, for your continued patronage. It's because of you that we are still here after 32 years.

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