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OK - we've made it through Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and now Cyber Money ... so it's time to get serious, turn the clock back and think about what your living historian needs or wants for Christmas and the coming season.

First, as you may have already heard, Village Tin has officially closed -- so the stock we have on hand of their fine tin products may be the last we get. If you have ever wanted to own some of the best period tinware, get yours now. We still have all items in stock, but we don't know how long they will last.

If you have a formal dance or ball coming up during the "off season", get your fancy clothes and accessories updated. Gentlemen, do you need a new cravat or new dress shirt? Ladies, do you need a Pashmina shawl that matches your dress? We have excellent stock on hand.

Gentlemen, if you get a promotion during the off-season, let us make that new uniform -- or at the least get your new rank property marked. Remember that we make most uniforms to order, here in the Midwest, and we can make whatever you need. Go to the "Special Order" section and print off our measurement chart to get started.

If your young ones have had a growth spurt -- and their clothing now ends at their knees! -- remember, we can do clothing for the younger set as well.

We have a good stock of period time pieces on hand, priced at $25 each. These are pocket watches for the gentlemen and necklace watches for the ladies. We still can't find any true wind-up versions at good prices, so yes, these are battery operated -- but style wise, they are all correctly styled for the 1800s.

For stocking stuffers, don't forget period playing cards or winter gloves for the guys, new gloves or a comb for the ladies, and a new toy for the younger set.

Do you need the stocking itself? Our tailors have made a small inventory of holiday stockings -- we have Confederate ones in grey or Federal ones in blue -- trimmed in the appropriate colors for infantry, cavalry or artillery. The price for these is only $20 each. Get yours quickly, so you have it in time for Christmas Eve!!



Don't forget that a special treat for anyone back in the mid-19th century was an orange. While we can't ship oranges, why not have a traditional Christmas? When we were growing up in western Iowa, our church gave each child a brown sack on Christmas Eve filled with peanuts, a candy cane, an apple and an orange. Didn't think much about it at the time, but now -- oh, my, do we understand the tradition.

Our Christmas gift to you all is free shipping on all orders through December 31. Just be sure to mention the "Christmas gift" to us when you place your order, or note the "Christmas gift" in your comment section if you place the order on-line.

At this time, we do thank you, our customer, for the opportunity to be of service this past year -- and wish you peace, health and happiness in the coming year.

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